Spa Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Panache" mean?
"Panache" is a French word that means stylish or flamboyant in appearance or fashion. For example, "J'ai du Panache!" means "I have style!" in French.

Are the staff experienced/licensed/trained, etc.?
All Panache staff, without exception, possess the licensing and/or certifications necessary to do spa services in the state of Minnesota. Some of our staff are specialized, while others have cosmetology careers, and are qualified to do multiple services. 

How about helping with my wedding
party's hair and makeup?

Because weddings are planned in advance, Panache offers professional hair and makeup services for wedding groups. Simply let us know the date and time constraints along with the size of the group, the location of the event and their preferences and we will quote a price, and schedule our staff for the big day!

Does Panache accept tips?
Gratuities are entirely up to the guest. They are never expected, but always appreciated. For groups, we generally include a gratuity in the master billing, as is traditional, to reward excellent service. Our staff members strive to earn a gratuity.

Do you have a group or multiple-service discount?
Essentially, our price list conveys the cost of all spa services. Occasionally we may make an exception for special group packages or special promotions. Contact one of our experienced coordinators for an individual quote.

How many services can the spa do in a day?
As many as you require, providing we have advance notice of your group or company function. A lot depends on the type of services and the time allotted to each service. Panache has successfully provided spa services for over 150 guests in one day!

Will I be able to talk to my companions
during our services?

Guests can be seated near each other during pedicures and manicures for conversation. Massage and facial services are usually conducted in a private setting, and speaking to another guest isn't always possible. 

Do you offer "couples massage"?
Couples massage isn't always available as a listed service, but we do offer private couples massage at our Baxter location. Couples services aren't always available and must be booked in advance.

Do I need to dress a certain way when I visit the spa?
Panache is "come as you are"! You are on vacation at our spa - relaxation starts with your frame of mind, and we'll take care of the rest! 

Do I have to take off my clothes for my service?
During massages, guests are nude or disrobe to underwear. You are covered by a warm blanket during the entire service, and only the area to be worked on is exposed. We adjust the service to your comfort level.

I'm uncomfortable with a male massage
therapist – do I have a choice?

We want you to be comfortable with your therapist. Please let us know if you have a preference. For larger group bookings, it may be difficult to guarantee the gender of your therapist, but if you let us know your preference at the time of booking, we will pair you with an appropriate therapist. 

Do I have to wear a robe?
It's completely up to you. We have robes available, but some guests prefer not to change, and go to and from their service. If your clothing is cumbersome, or you are receiving multiple services, we recommend a robe to enhance your comfort.

I want a peaceful setting – is the spa quiet?
We strive to keep noise to a minimum, but at times the number of guests can cause the noise level to rise. If you wish a more serene experience, we suggest booking a time earlier in the morning or in the evening when fewer services are in progress.

Can you accommodate a person with disabilities?
We can and do. All of our services can be accomplished on the main floor area. Just let us know in advance, and we will make the proper arrangements. 

May I bring alcohol or other beverages into the spa?
We do allow cocktails and alcoholic beverages, but in moderation.

My friends want hors d'oeuvres during
our visit – are they available?

With advance notice, we can provide a variety of food choices. Our coordinators can give you a price quote and arrange for the service.

Can I have flowers waiting for my wife on her spa day?
Absolutely!  We can arrange for flowers or other gifts to be waiting, or we can make sure your special wishes are carried out – we're experts at surprising that special person -  just consult with our coordinators and they'll take care of everything.

Do you require a deposit or a credit
card to hold an appointment?

We generally require a credit card to secure appointments of 2 hours or longer. Large groups may have a "Master bill" that covers their members and secures their spa services. 

What happens if I am late for my appointment?
It is important to be at the spa a few minutes before your appointment In some cases we can accommodate your service if you arrive late, but during busy time periods, we may ask you to reschedule or accept an appointment with a shortened time or abbreviated service.  Sorry, but if we attempt to "wedge in" a guest service, we aren't giving you (or other guests) the treatment you deserve.

What happens if I can't be there for my appointment?
We respectfully ask for 24 hours notice if you are unable to be here for your service. Please contact the spa directly, as "no shows" will be charged for the service.

What is your group cancellation policy?
Because we commit resources and staff for your group, and often turn away other guests for those time slots, we require more than 24 hours notice to avoid a charge for cancelled appointments. With less than 24 hours notice, you may be charged a 20% service charge. "No-show" appointments under group accounts are charged the full price, plus gratuity.

How long is a massage?
All spa appointments are based on the service, not by time. Spa services must take into account guest changing time and a short period to prepare the room for the next guest.

I need to talk on my cell phone – is that okay?
We understand that communication is important to you, but because of many complaints about guests using cell phones and two way radios, we ask you to observe the courtesy of turning off your cell phone, pager or radio or perhaps leave them in your guest quarters or vehicle when visiting the spa. 

Is everything sanitized in the spa?
Absolutely! We practice thorough cleansing and disinfecting procedures to protect our guests. It is a point of pride that Panache has received perfect scores on all inspections since it was founded in 1993, and our guest's safety is our number one priority.

OOPS!  I smudged my nails after my
perfect manicure!  Now what?

We make sure you have adequate curing time for your nail polish, but accidents happen. Just let our staff know, and we'll fix the smudges and get you back on schedule!

Do you guys do artificial nails?
We do not. Unfortunately, the odor from acrylic or other artificial nails and the vapors and noise given off from airbrushing nails can offend other guests.

I hurt my back last year, but I would like
a massage – Is that a problem?

Not at all. Simply let our coordinators know that you have a special condition, and make a notation on your client information sheet when you arrive at the spa. Also, be sure to mention the condition to your therapist for a positive massage experience.
Does your spa offer laser treatments, botox injections or acid peels?
We do not. We are a relaxation spa, and make no claims as to medical improvement or offer medical procedures. We do not offer facial extractions, or corrective skin procedures.

I see you offer body wraps.  Does that mean I will lose weight and inches?
Panache body treatments are much like a facial for your body, cleansing and conditioning the skin. Your skin may dehydrate and tighten a small amount and initially make you appear slimmer.  However, that is not the purpose of our body treatments, and after re-hydrating, your skin will return to its normal state.

I'm allergic to just about everything – is that a problem?
We use and recommend AVEDA skin care products, and if you suspect you may react to certain ingredients in our spa products, we will work to find an alternative to make your spa day worry free! 

Your question not listed here?  Let us know, and we'll update this list as needed!